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Cimahi City View

Cimahi City View is a modern house cluster surrounded by amazing natural landscape and city view. Cimahi City View is located in one of the developing area in town, precisely at Padaasih village, Cisarua district, West Bandung, West Java. With slightly more than 1 hectare area development, in total Cimahi City View has 62 building units. Cimahi City View has 2 types of building, in which 36-type and 75-type of house (36-type and 75-type accounted for building total areas of 36 meter square and 75 meter square respectively).

Besides of amazing natural landscape around Cimahi City View, we can easily find public areas near this location such as schools, universities, government officials, Cimahi City Plaza, farmers market, as well as department stores and malls. Cimahi City View is also located near the highway access road gate with just 20 minutes of traveling time.

Site Plan

Cimahi City View is divided into 3 blocks, in which Block A, Block B, and Block C respectively. Block A has 20 units of 75-type building, Block B has 22 units of 36-type building, and Block C has 15 units of 36-type building and 5 units of 75-type building. In order to support social activities and interaction in Cimahi City View, we also provide social facilities such as Cimahi City View Park and Playground.


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