Is using your superannuation to invest in real estate the right option for you?

Since employer contributions to employees' superannuation funds became compulsory in 1986, Australians have channeled uncounted millions worth of funds int...

12 tips to getting a great property valuation

It's quite frustrating to have your home loan application knocked back or the loan amount reduced because the valuation came in too low. Here's 12 ways to ...

4 min read Meet the Man Who Started the First-Ever Property Management Franchise

When Kirk McGary first got into property management in 1983, he had no grand ideas of building a national brand. He was a college student looking to escape...

Real Property Management

About Real Property ManagementIn 1983, Kirk McGary and two friends began offering residential property management services in order to make money while att...

Homes: cheap to own but expensive to buy

Owning a home is as cheap as it’s ever been, so why aren’t more people buying? Thanks to low rates, the annual cost of repaying a mortgage is well with...

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